My name is Max. I like hockey, Audis, flannel, and coffee. Oh, and Photography. It  has been my life for the last five years.

As a wedding photographer I feel I have two goals: to help make your wedding day go as smooth as possible (at least from the photo side!), and make the best images I know I can. Almost every client tells me their wedding day goes by faster than they think, and when the cake is all gone, the dress is in the closet and the thank-yous are written, the photos are what’s left. I love that.

If you have any questions in general or would like to inquire about a wedding or portrait session, please don’t hesitate to get ahold of me!

daytime phone – 218 461 9353 | email – max@maxcaven.com |facebook.com/maxcavenphotography | twitter.com/maxcavenphoto